CODICO as employer

"We embrace family values, assume responsibility and are dynamic. Be part of the CODICO family!"
Karin Krumpel, CEO CODICO GmbH

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CODICO stands for design-in-distribution of high-quality active and passive electronic components and interconnect systems. To meet the high quality requirements of our international contract partners in the long term, we value internationally thinking and highly skilled staff members with a focused and solution-oriented work approach. We always endeavour to hire the best possible people for every position. In accordance with our CODICO values, we turn to individuals who are reliable and willing to assume responsibility.

We look forward to welcoming people with multiple and unique capabilities in our team. To encourage the commitment of each of our staff members, CODICO continuously works on improving their working environment, so that they can best develop their talents and skills.

We live and breathe family

 As a family company in second generation, we place a great focus on basic values such as respect and appreciation toward everyone we work with. Open communication, conviviality, and positive thinking are a basic prerequisite for achieving success. By allowing for flexible working hours, we offer maximum compatibility between family and work. In addition, we provide a car park for our staff right in front of the company building.

As an internationally operating company, we employ staff from many parts of Europe. We are convinced that this diversity is essential for the company's success. By organising joint training weeks and fantastic events, CODICO also endeavours to develop the staff members' social skills, which are indispensable for collaboration.

Initial and further training

Well-trained staff is the company's backbone and contributes to the long-term success of the company.

We regularly organise the CODICO Academy, to which we invite our entire staff. The CODICO Academy primarily involves technical training and product and sales training courses held by our suppliers or by our product managers and engineers.

In addition, we want to promote the potential of each individual and support our staff to achieve their professional objectives.  We therefore offer initial and further training programmes that help expand their personal and professional perspectives.


CODICO offers its staff financial support for their daily lunch.

Sports and exercise

Sports and exercise should be an essential part of everyone's daily schedule. For people whose job involves a lot of sitting, however, various forms of exercise are indispensable.

In this respect, CODICO supports its staff by offering them a broad range of options.  At the staff's disposal is a spacious exercise room with the respective sanitary installations and an in-house beach soccer and volleyball court.

In addition, the staff can attend a variety of sports courses for every taste throughout the year, including yoga, sling training, back training and deep work. Moreover, CODICO organises the participation of its staff in running events.

Occupational safety, health, and well-being

CODICO applies the universal principles of accident prevention when designing workplaces and work processes, when selecting and using work equipment and working materials, and in all measures for the protection of its staff. ( Verlinkung zu QM)

At CODICO, an external consulting firm regularly carries out preventive safety inspections (acc. to Section 73 Employee Protection Act), and we also regularly conduct preventive medical examinations (acc. to Section 79 Employee Protection Act) in collaboration with a medical centre. CODICO uses a modern, ergonomic office equipment. The above preventive health and safety services also organise regular training for our staff  (e.g. correct seating position at the workplace, eye relaxation exercises when working at the computer, back exercises, etc.).   

Finally, the company's range of health measures also includes the possibility of free medical check-ups or vaccinations by an occupational physician.

In addition, CODICO carries out staff surveys and evaluations of mental pressure at the workplace at regular intervals. Based on the results of these examinations, the company continuously introduces measures aimed at improving our staff members' well-being at work.

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