The Motto "Explore flexibility - Get connected" explores SUMIDA's innovative products, technologies and Services.
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As a market leader of flexible interconnect systems, SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH develops and produces high-tech products for the electronics industry.


Flexible Flat Cables (FFC) and Flexible Board Connections (FBC) combine the advantages of our core technologies; flat rolling and lamination. FFC and FBC can be advantageously used in places where electrical connections require high flexibility and/or where PCBs need to be connected in various packaging configurations.


With Flexible Modules (FM), SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH combines product know-how and system expertise to provide their customers assemblies used for climate sensors, airbag transmission cables and lighting systems (as examples).


The Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) and Flexible Board Connector (FBC) products, which have their origin in our base technologies, are assembled into functional units through suitable connecting methods, overmolding and assembly steps.


"Explore flexibility - Get connected"

Explore their innovative products, technologies and services. Find the products that suit your application best by discussing your request with CODICO and SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH.



DIN EN ISO 9001 (TÜV Cert)

QS 9000 (TÜV Management Service GmbH)

ISO 14001:2004

ISO/TS 16949:2009



Products for industrial application:

Flexible Board Connections (FBC)

PCB connection with FLEX-Jumper

PANTA© Flexible Board Connections connect two printed circuit boards flexibly. The great flexibility is ensured by the flat rolled copper conductor. Available termination styles are round pin (PANTA© FIX JUMPER), SMD (PANTA© SMD System or FLL), ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or CRIMP (PANTA© FIX CRIMP). Conductor cross sections and pitches are available in standard and special dimensions.

The product range of SUMIDA flexible connections has all common connection methods for the PCB Flex Jumper:

• THT (Through Hole Technology)


• SMT (Surface Mount Technology)


• RMT( Removable Technology)


Based on your requirements are standard and special dimensions for cross-section and pitch available. You can

choose between POLYESTER, ARAMID, PEN and POLYIMID as isolations material for the high flexible flat cables.


SUMIDA’s focus product:


Compact SMD connectors for high volume

The PANTA© SMD SYSTEM has been designed especially to connect sandwiched PCBs or PCBs positioned at different angles. It offers the user a great variety of possible configurations when designing electronic equipment.

As flexible connecting element for surface connection (Surface Mount Technology, SMT) the SMD-Jumpers are very compact in size and allow the production of smaller and more cost effective electronic devices. Also they can be placed on both sides of the printed circuit boards (PCBs). They are optimized for automatic assembly and high volumes and are supplied in blister package for removal and positioning with nozzles in pick and place process (SMT placement


An additional advantage of our SMD Flex Jumper is the improved electrical properties, especially at higher frequencies.

In addition, the SMD Jumpers can also be used as a cost effective alternative to rigid-flex printed circuit boards. To reach that you just need to combine or connect two conventional PCB’s with a PANTA SMD-Jumper as a connecting element.

(Surface Mounted Interconnect, SMI).

Product description

The PANTA© SMD jumper has been designed to connect sandwiched PCBs or PCBs positioned at different angles. It offers the user a great variety of possible configurations when designing electronic devices.

• Applicable for reflow soldering process

• Competitive Connection technique as an alternative to rigid-flex or milled pcb-solutions

• High temperature capability

• Placement by SMD assembly machines (automated Pick&Place)

• Post bending of printed boards possible after panel separation up to 180°

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