2010-10-11  EOS Power India

With its (M)WLT200 family, EOS delivers a new reference product for the triple relationship of price / output power / size. Delivering 200W with forced cooling and 160W with convection cooling, the devices have achieved a new milestone for low-cost power supplies. The entire family offers an extra, integrated 5V standby output with a 1A current capacity. This output is available in any standby mode when the main output is switched off, as required by the European EuP standard. In addition, the separate 12V/0.5A output can be used for supplying a cooling fan. The new power supply’s design was optimized for the company-owned production facility in India, which specializes in the high-quality manufacture of smaller batches and frequently changing product types. Thus, the design allows for alterations and modifications without significantly influencing the overall concept, even for small batches of 1,000 units.

The WLT200 power supply series is certified for industrial applications according to IEC60950, while the MWLT200 series is certified for medical applications according to IEC60601. The family’s numerous options enable flexible use in Class 1 devices, as well as Class 2 approval without an earth ground. The devices can be connected with a choice of screw terminals or connectors. AC Power-Fail and DC Power-Good are available as signal outputs, and a sensing line connection regulates voltage drops on the output lines. The main output can be switched off via a remote on/off contact to drastically reduce idle current loss. To round off this complete performance package, a particular focus was placed on providing an EMC solution that ensures both the input and load side lie significantly below the limits prescribed by EN55022 B, thus providing designers a useful margin for their applications.

(M)WLT200 Series Overview
Input: 85-264Vac
Power: 160W / 200W
Outputs (in Vdc): 5, 12, 15, 24, 30, 48
Stand-by out: 5Vdc / 1A {+/-5%}
Aux out: 12V / 0.5A
Remote On/Off: on the main output
AC Power-Good Signal
DC Power-Fail Signal
Output remote sensing: +/- 200mV
Efficiency: > 86% (5V type: 83%)
Approvals: IEC 60950 / IEC 60601

To assist with the implementation of your prototype design, we would be pleased to provide samples on short notice. You may also simply send us an e-mail to request data sheets or to clarify which product type is the right one for your application.


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