PANTA SMD System from SUMIDA Flex


For a flexible connection of PCBs

The PANTA SMD jumpers from SUMIDA Flex represent an economical and cost effective alternative for the flexible connection of PCBs. The components are optimized for automatic assembly in large quantities with pick & place machines and applicable for standard reflow soldering process. This makes a manual placement and an additional wave soldering process unnecessary.


SMD jumpers are very compact in size and allow the development of smaller electronic devices through placing components on both sides of the PCB. It offers a great variety of possible configurations designing electronic devices. After soldering the printed circuit boards can be bended up to 180°.



• Pitch: 0.93mm (0.5mm in preparation)

• Number of Pins: 4-25

• Bridge length: 11.2mm

• Operating temperature up to 125°C

• Customized SMD solutions available


Detailed specifications can be found in the datasheet.


For further information and assistance in choosing the right connection please contact Julia Reiterer.

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