2009-03-01  AMPHENOL ICC

FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, now offers 2.0mm-high FPC ZIF connectors with 0.5mm-pitch and a flip actuator. The new connectors are ideally suited for optical drives and automotive multimedia systems.

Designated the VHC series, the FPC ZIF connectors feature a very robust design that enables them to withstand very high cable pull forces, making them ideal for various consumer and automotive electronics applications. Due to the continually growing size and higher resolution of LCD displays in consumer and automotive electronics systems, the demand for FPC cable connectors is growing by the day. And, FPC cable connectors are also increasingly being used in optical memory drives, such as Blu-ray for example. The VHC connector series enables system designers to accommodate the high transfer rates needed to support the growing volume of data, as well as the increasing number of signals required for driving sender units and other modular systems.

Thanks to the outstanding flip actuator mechanism, VHC series connectors can be simply, yet securely, assembled with cables. FCI offers versions with or without a cable lock mechanism, thus providing assured compatibility with automotive multimedia applications. The VHC series of 0.5mm-pitch FPC ZIF connectors will eventually be available with 40-70 positions and accepts FPC cables with a thickness of 0.3mm. The 60-position version is available now, while the other position configurations are currently under development.


Imp_1_2009_S02_FCI_Flex VHC_Bild_kl.jpg

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