The use of plug-in power supplies anywhere in the world is no longer dependent on a device’s certification according to country-specific safety standards and having a universal input voltage range alone! The reason: Version 2.0 of the Energy Star EPS standard and other similar testing schemes continue to target more efficient use of energy resources. In Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and some states of the USA, compliance with specified upper limits governing the energy requirements of power supplies has been compulsory for some time now; and the specifications are scheduled to grow even tighter at regular intervals in the future. In Europe, the introduction of compulsory limits has been set for April 2010, and they are already scheduled to be tightened further to become the world’s most stringent in 2011.

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Customers who intend to sell their products on international markets will thus be pleased to know that CODICO can already be relied on to help meet the new requirements, thanks to our broad range of plug-in power supplies conforming to the applicable standards. PHIHONG, a manufacturer in our linecard, offers a wide selection of variable, removable adapters that fit numerous different AC outlet sockets. These adapters can be conveniently plugged on by end users to fit their worldwide location. The offering extends all the way to compact designs that provide a fixed fit with the specific type of outlet. For the output side, CODICO offers a variety of standard hollow connector versions and USB connectors. Starting at annual quantities of 10,000 units, customers may choose their output connector types. PHIHONG places a special focus on robustness when it comes to both the mechanical and electrical design – e.g., to include adequate overvoltage resistance and supporting “24x7” use. Models with constant current and constant voltage (CC/CV) characteristic curves are also offered for battery charging applications. To ensure adequate leeway for applications that must operate under suboptimal conditions, the specified EMC limit values are tested with a minimum “buffer” of 6dB.


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End users will perhaps be most pleased about the current push for increased efficiency due to the handy form factor of the significantly reduced-size products, and not necessarily due to saving a nondescriptly small amount of money in electricity costs! Indeed, the new plug-in products in the 5W - 25W power range stand out for their compact size – small enough to not overlap with the neighboring receptacles on a multiple socket extension cord.

If you’d like to receive an offer for one of these new plug-in power supply solutions, as well as a sample to go with it, simply send us your application specifications and quantity requirements, and we will be pleased to assist you in no time!


IMp_2_2009_A 14_PHIHONG_2-20Watt Steckernetzgeraete_Bild2_kl.jpg
PHIHONG Steckernetzgerät 2W-20W
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Verschiedene Steckermöglichkeiten
IMp_2_2009_A 14_PHIHONG_2-20Watt Steckernetzgeraete_Bild3_kl.jpg
PHIHONG Steckernetzgerät 2W-20W
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