Originally stemming from the field of telecommunications technology, the concept of applying very low voltages and high currents directly at the load-bearing chip has spread to all market segments, to now include products operating with much lower current loads. The change in requirements with respect to available space, assembly methods and ambient environmental conditions has brought forth new versions of these modular DC converter-regulators. In turn, the diversity of designs incorporated in the new product families is facilitating their increased use in automation and industrial technologies.

MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS’ new Okami product family is fully compatible with DOSA “open-standard” packages and pinnings, and the devices have been optimized to meet the operating conditions of fanless environments. Versions with a rated 3A to 6A, 10A and 16A are available for lower-current applications. The new converters operate at up to +70°C without the need for derating. To support the use of one product type for as many applications as possible, the devices offer a wide input range – currently from 4.5Vdc to 14Vdc, and in future also from 16Vdc to 40Vdc – and a very wide, adjustable output voltage (e.g., from 0.6V to 6V). This in turn supports availability, as manufacturers can reduce the diversity of their stocked components. The converters also help simplify the product development environment with such added functionality as:

- Optional time-delayed switching (sequencing)
- The ability to overlap rising edges or implement the balanced regulation of voltage drops on the line (via a sensing contact)
- The ability to power up pre-charged secondary circuits or large capacitive loads of up to 1000uF

The following variants are available with DOSA (Distributed-power Open Alliance) compliant pinnings: SMD types with solder pads for mounting the converters according to specified reflow profiles, and vertically mounted modules with THD pins for optimizing the application’s PCB surface area. A true innovation for the power supply sector is the inspectable LAND GRID ARRAY (iLGA) package, which makes measuring points accessible from the component side. This inspection method enables further miniaturization and cost savings, since conventional solder pads can account for up to 15% of the component costs. The design permits all contacts to be inspected and measured from the top, thus enabling conventional in-circuit test procedures.

The new modules provide a very competitive alternative to discrete solutions, even for small to medium quantities.


Imp_2_2009_A 15_MURATA PS_POL Wandler_OKL_PR_01_Bild4_kl.jpg
POL Wandler: OKL PR 01
Imp_2_2009_A 15_MURATA PS_POL Wandler_freigestellt_OKY-T5-W5N-C_Bild3_kl.jpg
POL Wandler: OKY-T5-W5N-C
Imp_2_2009_A 15_MURATA PS_POL Wandler_OKR-T3_PR_Bild5_kl.jpg
POL Wandler: OKR T3 PR

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