A real highlight among card readers from YAMAICHI!

FPS009-2903-0 for automotive applications

The FPS009-2903-0 card reader is a top-mount variant with push/push mechanism. This means that the card is pushed in manually, engaged with a soft-lock mechanism, and, when the card is pushed again, it is ejected on a defined path.

Two card brakes prevent the card from being flicked out, and ensure that it can be removed easily and conveniently.

A card presence switch registers when the card has arrived in its end position, and switches over to carry out the reading and writing processes.

Thanks to the closed metal cover, together with the four grounding tabs, a particularly good EMC performance is achieved.

Particularly worth noting is the special contact design of the card reader: The two-point contact arrangement evens out vibrations and shock moments, and guarantees full functional performance.

Keeping it short:

At a temperature range from -30° to +85°C, the FPS009-2903-0 card reader features high contact reliability and easy convenient operation.

Thanks to its robust overall design and the wide range of features, the card reader is also well-suited for the automotive sector.

In addition to these low-size components, YAMAICHI Electronics also provides many other card insert connectors for the most widely-used flash and SIM card types, with a range of different form factors.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the card reader that’s right for you!

Two-point contact arrangement
Further card insert connectors

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