AKM's new 2ch 18/16/14 bit 1.1MHz ZDS A/D Converter

2016-03-25  Semiconductor ICs   AKM

18-bit resolution

A/D converter AK9232/AK9233/AK9234 integrates 2-channel circuits in a 4x4mm package enabling simultaneous sampling and saving board space.


The AK9232 realizes 18-bit resolution while supporting the sampling rate up to 1.1MHz. In addition, it has polar coordinates output function (angle calculation algorithm).


AKM Zero latency Delta Sigma ADC is a new concept of A/D converters that has both SAR's high accuracy and Delta Sigma's high linearity. They are suitable for miniature motors and measurement equipment. 


Please find further information in the datasheet.


In case of questions please don't hesitate to contact Johannes Kornfehl.

CODICO, AKM, AK9232, A/D Konverter

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