2014-01-22  Displays   AMPIRE


The AMOLED of AMPIRE is driven by a special All-In-One Himax HX-5227-A driver IC for a-Si AMOLEDs. With a resolution of 320x480 pixels (HVGA), 16.7Mio colours and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, the display offers excellent optical values or a perfect and sharp image. Angles up to 90° from any direction make it possible to rotate and tilt the display depending on each specific application, without any colour shift or contrast change. The parallel MIPI DBI 8/16/24bit MPU interface is perfect for graphic representations, while the parallel 8/16/24bit RGB interface also allows to view videos.

Advantages of AMOLEDs are, dependent on the image content low power consumption, fast switching times in the microsecond range and the outstanding optical properties. In addition, this model has a pixel technology, which prevents via internal compensation manufacturing variations and aging processes by separate control of any organic OLED and thereby counteracts symptoms such as uneven brightness and burn-in.

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