The new AR6103 is an 802.11n Wi-Fi module measuring 8.3mm x 9.2mm. It belongs to the 3rd generation of ATHEROS’ Wi-Fi solutions, which give mobile devices an 802.11n capability. Based on the groundbreaking AR6003 Wi-Fi chip, the AR6103 enables 802.11n throughput and range at a very high power efficiency and is therefore especially suited for applications like eBooks, smartbooks and tablet PCs, Internet radios, printers, remote controls, and smart grid solutions.

The AR6103 connects directly to the antenna, thereby eliminating the need for complicated RF tuning and calibration. It is fully shielded, includes an integrated high-frequency reference clock and also connects directly with the battery. As a result, the AR6103 is one of the smallest and lowest-cost complete 802.11n solutions on the market.

Platform highlights:
- Single-stream 802.11n for fast downloads, high range and low power consumption
- Outstanding optimization of data throughput and range based on its expanded 11n features, such as full & half guard interval, hardware accelerated frame aggregation, space time block coding (STBC) and low density parity check (LDPC) encoding
- Highest level integration density thanks to CMOS technology
• Radio/MAC/Baseband
• Patented ATHEROS Efficient Power Amplifier (EPA™) for high transmitter output power
• Integrated power management
- Direct Connect™ AP mode technology
- ATHEROS Universal Wireless Cooperation for enhanced Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence

ATHEROS AR9390: Professional WLAN to the extreme!

The AR9390 is a single-chip, dual-band 11n 3x3 (3-stream) MIMO WLAN solution with PCIe interface. The chip integrates such essential components as the 2.4/5GHz LNA and PA, switching regulator and EEPROMS, thus significantly reducing the number of required external components. It also includes the proven SST3 signal-sustain technology, which improves the (data) rate-over-range performance. SST3 is a bundle of technologies introduced under 802.11n, including LDPC, TxBF and MLD. The result is an impressive increase in rate-over-range (RoR) – approximately 100% at short range, 50% at medium range and 25% at maximum range.

Despite its mighty performance and high degree of integration, the AR9390 consumes even less power than its predecessors in every operating mode – active TX, active RX, idle and sleep. In addition, the new chip offers a number of unique features that are frequently demanded by commercial (enterprise-grade) WLAN applications, such as full data throughput (packet rate) even for 90-byte packets, loopback mode for FIPS certification, higher resolution for spectral analysis, fast channel switching and support for TDOA based locationing.

For “extreme” applications, the AR9390 is available in an industrial temperature version and as a PCIe card.

embeddedwireless GmbH: ATHEROS support directly from an ATHEROS Authorized Design Center (AADC)

The ATHEROS Authorized Design Center (AADC) program provides customers with support from experienced design and development partners. CODICO customers, too, can benefit from the expertise and know-how of these centers in RF design, PCB layout, software and driver development (also for real-time operating systems), through to prototyping. AADCs are ideal development partners for applications beyond mainstream consumer solutions and for (achieving) short implementation cycles from the initial product idea to the ready-for-market product.

embeddedwireless GmbH in Ulm, Germany, has been developing custom ATHEROS WLAN chip-based solutions that meet the IEEE802.11 protocol for over ten years now. This includes low-cost ATHEROS SoC (System on Chip) solutions in the Linux realm, as well as support for WLAN drivers that use “exotic” operating systems like Windows Embedded CE / Compact, QNX and VxWorks.

The main focus of its activities is on industrial applications, and numerous references exist for such industries as automation, warehouse logistics, automotive, railway and aviation.

If the above has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to call for more information!


Pic. 1: AE6103 Architecture
Pic. 2: AR9390 - XB114 reference design
Pic. 3: AR7241 - reference design (AP, Client, WDS-Bridge)
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