2014-04-22  Wireless Modules   

Three new product families, for the SAM D Cortex M0+-Based MCU Portfolio

ATMEL announced the company has expanded its low-power ARM Cortex M0+-based MCU portfolio with three new families. These entry-level, low-power MCUs are packed with high-end features including ATMEL’s patented Event System, SERCOM module, peripheral touch controller, along with a full-speed USB interface, allowing designers to bring their products to market faster.

ATMEL’s new SAM D21, D10 and D11 families of Cortex M0+-based MCUs deliver low-power consumption, connectivity and small footprint, providing designers just the right price-to-performance ratio. These new families expand the company’s growing line of ATMEL smart microcontrollers with new pin and memory combinations, along with new features such as DMA and crystal-less USB.

Find more details here.

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