ATMEL Seminar: IoT Devices / Microcontroller / Security

2015-08-05  Semiconductor ICsWireless Modules   

29.-30.09.2015 in Zagreb and Prague

The IoT represents a compelling opportunity across a staggering array of applications. It can potentially transform nearly every aspect of how we live, work, and play, on local and global levels. Having a network of smart, connected devices allows to build safer buildings, design more fuel-efficient cars, lead healthier lifestyles. Self-regulating systems, with access to Big Data, mean more automated manufacturing, more intelligent supply chains, and better use of scarce resources.


By powering the IoT with integrated embedded solutions, ATMEL provides the foundation for all these possibilities.


Find out more on how ATMEL is powering the IoT revolution and visit the IoT Devices / Microcontroller / Security Seminar presented by CODICO.


WHEN AND WHERE: Tuesday 29.09.2015 in Zagreb 09:00am – approx. 16:00pm Wednesday 30.09.2015 in Prague 09:00am – approx. 16:00pm


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