Aluminium polymer capacitors

2014-04-29  Passive Components   RUBYCON

The CODICO supply range provides a broad spectrum of polymer capacitors from a variety of different manufacturers and technologies. This article takes a closer look at the multilayer aluminium-based structure format moulded with a special resin.

A heat-resistant conductive polymer used as the electrolyte is applied onto the aluminium layers. This technology allows for compact designs and low structure heights in particular.

Aluminium polymer capacitors are characterized by the following properties:

- Extremely low ESR and high ripple current load capability in compact format
- Full ripple current load capability over the entire temperature range
- Stable ESR over the entire temperature range
- No DC-bias effect
- Better supply reliability and price stability, because of its independence from the tantalum market

Product spectrum:

Voltage range: 2V - 10V
Capacitance range: 22uF - 470uF
ESR: Down to 4.5mOhm
Structure height: Down to 1.1mm

ECAS Series from MURATA
Voltage range: 2V - 16V
Capacitance range: 6.8uF - 330uF
ESR: Up to 6mOhm
Structure height: Up to 1.9mm

SP-caps from PANASONIC (new in the CODICO range)
Voltage range: 2V - 25V
Capacitance range: 2,2uF - 560uF
ESR: Up to 3mOhm
Structure height: Up to 1.1mm

We will be glad to send you datasheets and samples.

STRUCTURE (example: The PC-CON from RUBYCON)
ECAS Series

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