BC118 - Bluetooth SMART module from BLUECREATION

2016-04-27  Wireless Modules   BLUECREATION

The latest generation of fully integrated Smart Bluetooth modules

BC118 is the latest generation of fully integrated Smart Bluetooth modules from BLUECREATION.


BC118 offers ultra-low power consumption, extensive features at a competitive price. It comes with an integrated trace antenna, running all the Bluetooth Stack Bluetooth, FCC, CE, IC, JRF (Japan) and KC (Korea) certified so customers will not need to have to go through Bluetooth certification for the end product.


BC118 is Bluetooth 4.0 certified. BC118 comes with Transparent Data connection, connection with iOS and Android, Central and Peripheral modes, ability to upgrade firmware over the air, can run standalone or with a host.


For further details please contact Johan Wesslen.

BLUECREATION, CODICO, Bluetooth Smart Module, BC118

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