Board-to-Board series FX23 from HIROSE

A real hell of a guy!

The FX23 series has been introduced to meet the requirement for floating connectors that can handle high current ratings and high speed transmission. It allows an alignment movement in XY directions of +/-0.6mm minimum (max) to absorb mounting misalignment, vibration and dimensional errors when mated.

By using a PCB thickness of 1.6mm the top and bottom sides of a PCB can be utilised to mount the FX23 series. This is due to the design of the single metal post that does not protrude out to the other side of the PCB allowing space saving.

Signal contacts:      80, 100 and 120
Power contacts:      4
Data transmission:   up to 6 Gbps
Rated current:         0.5A (signal) & 3A (power) -> 4 power contacts = 12A!
Rated voltage:        50V
Stacking heights:    15, 20, 25 und 30mm

Pitch:                      0.50mm
Mating Cycles:        100

FX23 stands for high speed transmission, high current ratings, floating structure and space saving design!

Besides the described FX23 series CODICO offers further interesting HIROSE Board-to-Board series like FX30B, FX18, FX20.

Datasheets can be downloaded here or ask Gerhard Strobl for more details!

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