CODICO is your competent partner for customized cable assemblies! Our expert advice extends to assisting customers in the development of optimal solutions for their applications. CODICO’s strength lies in the close cooperation with our suppliers’ factories in Europe and Asia, thus ensuring solutions that meet stringent quality requirements at an optimized price/performance ratio!

CODICO specializes in the following product segments:

  • Shielded data lines / customized interface cables

    Supported interface connectors / standards:

    DVI, LVDS, HDMI, S-ATA, USB, MiniUSB, MicroUSB, IEEE 1394, VGA, D-SUB, MiniDIN, RJ45 / Ethernet, circular connectors (e.g., Trim Trio, M17, M23, Audio)
  • HF coaxial cable connectors (e.g., for WLAN, GPS, antenna connections, etc.)
  • IP20 and IP67 industrial network connectors (Y-Con RJ45, USB, MiniUSB, etc.)
  • Display cable connections (e.g., LCD connectors, inverter cables, LVDS)
  • Wire-to-board jumper cable assemblies utilizing commercially available connector standards
  • Flat cable jumpers
  • FFC (flexible flat cables)


Overmolding: molded-on grommets, shrouds and housings, also with integrated electronics

Customized labeling to your specifications, also with your company logo

Starting at medium quantities (1000+ units), CODICO will gladly prepare your custom solution together with our suppliers. In addition to containing the technical parameters, the assembly drawings will define the test methods used. Standard are electrical output tests for reverse polarity, continuity, short circuits and hi-pot (high voltage) testing. For choosing the ideal components, we will always consider your approval requirements – e.g., UL/CSA, VDE, RoHS conformity.


Imp_1_2009_S05_CODICO_Kabelkonfektionen_Kabel mit TrimTrio Rundstecker_Bild4_kl.jpg
Fig.1: Cable with circular Trim-Trio connector
Imp_1_2009_S05_CODICO_Kabelkonfektionen_ Panel-LVDS-Harness_Bild1_kl.jpg
Fig.2: Panel-LDVS Harness
Imp_1_2009_S05_CODICO_Kabelkonfektionen_LCD Anbindungen_Bild2_kl.jpg
Fig.3: LCD connectors
Imp_1_2009_S05_CODICO_Kabelkonfektionen_HF Coax_Bild3_kl.jpg
Fig.4: HF Coax
Imp_1_2009_S05_CODICO_Kabelkonfektionen_Y_Con USB_Bild5_kl.jpg
Fig.5: Y-Con USB
Imp_1_2009_S05_CODICO_Kabelkonfektionen_CviLux Overmolded_Bild6_kl.jpg
Fig.6: CviLux overmolded

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