A large number of visitors stopped by the CODICO stand during electronica 2008, held in Munich from November 11th to 14th, 2008, and we were especially pleased that almost all of our most important and faithful customers were among them!

Our co-exhibitors were MINDSPEED, MPS, POWER INTEGRATIONS and RUBYCON, and it was indeed an honor to have teams from these key suppliers exclusively at our stand throughout the four-day event. As a result, we were once again able to provide customers with information directly from the source. In addition to having the opportunity for highly efficient technical discussions, visitors to the CODICO stand were also able to take time out at our BLACKJACK table, complete with great prizes and our lovely moderator, Daniela, along with her helpers Doris and Barbara.

For all CODICO customers who weren’t able to stop by, or who simply didn’t make it to electronica 2008, we are including several photos that capture some of the action at our stand as a small consolation.

From the entire CODICO team, we wish all readers a successful business year and we hope to see you soon at a future event!

imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild7_kl.jpg
Fig.1.: Daniela Hesina
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild10_kl.jpg
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild13_kl.jpg
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild11_kl.jpg
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild12_kl.jpg
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild14_kl.jpg
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild1_kl.jpg
Fig.7.: Barbara Janicek, Daniela Hesina, Doris Gastinger
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild2_kl.jpg
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild9_kl.jpg
Fig.9: Our first-rate Electronica Service Team Pictured at the CODICO Stand upon Completion of a Hard Day’s Work!
imp_1_2009_D04_CODICO auf der electronica_Bild8_kl.jpg
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