CODICO this year teamed up with the manufacturers MINDSPEED, INTELLON and ZARLINK at the Broadband World Forum (BBWF) conference and exhibition in Paris, France:

Our mutual stand was a central attraction due to the combined product range on display, but also because of our stand’s stunning lighting. As a result, we managed to make many new contacts. The following are just some of the products exhibited at our stand.

ZARLINK showed its newest dual channel VE8820 Tracking Battery VoicePort™, which is designed to reduce system-level cost, space, and power. VoicePort chipset features are crucial for designing cost-effective, full-featured Voice over Broadband solutions.

INTELLON showed the INT6400 (also available with an industrial temperature range), which is the world’s first third-generation HomePlug AV open-standard-based MAC/PHY/AFE Powerline Communications (PLC) transceiver IC. The chipset enables HD video distribution in home networks, as it is ideally suited for integration in residential gateways and set-top boxes.

MINDSPEED showed that its Comcerto 1000 enables a routing performance of 2Gbits/s (1Gbit/s in each direction) in a demonstration using the Comcerto 1000 evaluation board. This impressed several very important customers at the exhibition, so that it became necessary right after the fair to set up further demonstrations and discussions with these customers in a larger setting, to mean with even more participants than were at the BBWF. Also drawing great interest at the fair was MINDSPEED’s demonstrated implementation of a fully functional SIP-VoIP branch exchange system based on the Comcerto 300 with a G.722 wideband codec.


Imp_2_2009_A 05_BBWF_Messe_Bild1_kl.jpg
Imp_2_2009_A 05_BBWF_Messe_Bild2_kl.jpg
Imp_2_2009_A 05_BBWF_Messe_Bild3_kl.jpg
Imp_2_2009_A 05_BBWF_Messe_Bild4_kl.jpg
Imp_2_2009_A 05_BBWF_Messe_Bild5_kl.jpg

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