CODICO: Expansion in Europe

2014-11-19  CODICO News  

Agreement with the Italian electronics Company TDelektronics

CODICO GmbH, the Austrian distribution company for electronic components with 21 marketing and sales offices in Europe, concluded an agreement on 1.11.2014 with the Italian electronics company TDelektronics.

This agreement between CODICO and TDelektronics (founded in 1982 and based in Vittorio Veneto) makes provision for specific corporate divisions to be taken over by CODICO, in particular in the semiconductor sector. The aim is to promote the expansion of CODICO in Italy, and to strengthen the Italian team which is already in place. For CODICO, this step represents the best possible opportunity to ensure the ongoing growth of the company. The contract comes into force as from 1.11.2014.

The agreement covers seven manufacturers (Power Integrations, Aimtec, Anylink, Quectel, Linx, Trinamic and ICE) and about 400 Italian customers. In addition to the sales agreement, a service arrangement has also been concluded between CODICO and TDelektronics, so as to offer the best possible service to existing customers as well as securing the development of new projects and designs. A four-person team will be handling product and sales management in Italy.

“For CODICO, this step means strengthening our position on the expanding Italian market. The alliance will give CODICO improved access to new and existing customers as well as to reliable suppliers”, says Sven Krumpel, CEO of CODICO, with great satisfaction.


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