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DEVOLO, the Aachen (Germany) network specialist, and CODICO have agreed to cooperate for the distribution of DEVOLO’s powerline integration modules. The integration of dLAN PLC modules in CE devices gives the latter a network capability, and thus lets the CE devices be easily incorporated into IP networks via existing cabling – e.g., power, antenna or two-wire lines.

Interest in network technology for industrial and commercial use has never been higher than today. And no wonder, since full-coverage networks are an absolute must in support of efficient production processes and workflows, and for integrating digital controls within these processes. In addition to continued use of traditional CAT-cable networking solutions, the last several years have seen a trend towards powerline networks in the industrial and commercial environments. The term “powerline” defines the type of data transmission used: An additional signal in the MHz range is modulated onto an existing cable connection in order to establish a data link, without affecting the cable’s original function.

The advantage of a powerline solution is therefore obvious: It eliminates the need for the costly and time consuming installation of new cables, along with any accompanying construction work. As a result, the investment needed to set up a network is much lower. Not only can powerline networks be seamlessly integrated in existing processes, but they are also an extremely cost-efficient means of doing so. The bandwidth of a powerline network is significantly influenced by the type of cabling used – DEVOLO offers dLAN modules with a data transmission rate of up to 200Mbit/s.

Powerline technology has already been used for a number of years in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Indeed, just about any end device can receive a networking capability via dLAN integration. Within industry, the networking of production is one of the biggest challenges. But thanks to powerline, comprehensive networks can be set up in the shortest amount of time. The technology also finds use for smart metering and automation applications, and it is especially efficient in situations where installing conventional network infrastructure would be tremendously time consuming and cost intensive. Thanks to the solution’s long range, renowned logistics companies have already implemented complete video monitoring and security systems using powerline. Other applications include Wi-Fi and UWB backbones, broadband sharing at high data rates, audio and video streaming, as well as file transferring, TV STB, IPTV, set-top boxes and telephone systems.

For integration, DEVOLO offers standardized integration modules such as the dLAN 200 AVpro 6400, which was developed for small-footprint embedded use. The module is equipped with a fully integrated HomePlug AV powerline network controller with MII interface (MAC or PHY mode) based on the ATHEROS 6400 chipset. It supports automatic data prioritization (quality of service) as well as 128-bit data encryption. In addition, an open application programming interface (API) enables status information and device configuration.  The module offers a range of 750m over antenna cables (coax), 400m over two-wire cables and 300m over power lines. A dLAN SDK is also available if required, to enable individualized configuration of the powerline module.

Companies that select a dLAN powerline solution are assured of getting a well-established technology: DEVOLO is the market leader in the powerline segment and has been developing innovative products for private and commercial use since 2002. DEVOLO’s entire dLAN portfolio is based on international standards – e.g., HomePlug and IEEE – and all products are subject to constant quality controls.

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