2013-10-28  CODICO News  

The worldwide rise in energy demand, and worldwide burdens and effects it is causing, are issues which confront us every day, da

CODICO, as a family business, sees it as a particular obligation to treat our environment with respect, and to sustain and protect it for the generations still to come.

It was during a suppliers training event in September 2012 that the idea came to me to put particular emphasis on the commitment of our manufacturers in the matters of environmental protection and sustainability. A small project team, consisting of our Marketing department and myself, did some brainstorming together in a number of meetings, both long and short, as to how we can focus more attention on the topic in the future.

And now we are pleased and proud to present you with the results, and introduce our new “green” seal: CODICO PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT.

New sources of energy call for new materials and components, so as to develop devices which will still guarantee a way of handling resources with even more awareness and sensitivity.

We are taking these challenges of the years to come very seriously indeed, and that is why in future we shall be adding this extra identifier to the products from our suppliers.

As soon as they are exceptionally well–suited for particularly environmentally-friendly operation (low power consumption, long service life, etc.) or for green applications (such as New Energy, Energy Harvesting etc.), the article in our company magazine “Impulse” will be awarded the new environmentally-friendly green seal by our product managers, as part of our special “thrust” actions.

We would like to offer you our experience and support in bringing even greener and more ecologically safe products onto the market. Let’s meet the challenges together. Let’s protect the environment.

our new “green” seal
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