2010-10-25  RUBYCON

The VXS series for fast servo amplifiers…

The continuous charging/discharging of intermediate circuit capacitors in motor drives can lead to premature capacitor failure. For example, elcaps used in cutting and pressing machine applications – where acceleration and breaking operations occur by the millions – are exposed to severe stresses. Fortunately, the new VXS series turns a cold shoulder to this problem, as innovative manufacturing steps to connect the leads to the film, a specially adapted electrolyte and the use of an in-house developed anode technology enable entirely new specifications. Thus, for the very first time in an elcap, the VXS series comes with a charge/discharge endurance rating in addition to the standard specification of voltage, temperature range and current capacity. RUBYCON guarantees 100 million cycles for a voltage swing of 150V, though frequency specifications vary according to the dimensions of the specific version.

In addition to this unique characteristic, the VXS offers a load life of 5000h at 105°C, as well as high current capacity.

VXS Series Overview:
- Rated voltage range :  315V - 450V
- Capacitance :   82µF - 1000µF
- Rated current :   up to 2.92A (1000uF/315V/35mmx50mm)
- Dimensions :   22mm x 25mm - 35mm x 50mm
- Temperature range :  -25°C to +105°C
- Load life (guaranteed) :  5,000h at 105°C and full ripple current

100 million charge/discharge cycles guaranteed at a voltage swing of 150V!

The 30mm and 35mm-diameter versions offer the option of contacting the films with two tabs each to enable a higher ripple current capacity.

And for the VXS, too, RUBYCON offers customized versions that optimally meet the requirements of your application.

Please don’t hesitate to request more details about this novel product from CODICO!


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