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One day, an art lover visited Michelangelo to watch the master put his finishing touches on a painting.  After a while, the visitor commented, “What you have changed amounts to mere trifles.” Michelangelo answered, "Indeed, these are only trifles. But trifles make perfection, and surely you will concede that perfection is no trifle!”

October 2011, Fuyang, China:

In October 2011, CODICO and a renowned German industrial manufacturer together conducted a quality audit of the NIDEC COPAL plant in Fuyang (Hangzhou, China). NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS is known for highest-quality switch and trimmer potentiometer solutions. CODICO’s Dirk Voss (Executive Sales Manager, Germany) and Srecko Drazic (Product Manager) traveled to China with great expectations!

After two-and-a-half days, all processes had been thoroughly inspected:

Goods receipt, all production steps, test methods, packaging and warehousing of goods, machinery (incl. maintenance and calibration protocols), internal quality processes, implementation of optimization measures, employee training and further education, infrastructure, work environment, and many more.

The results were impressive! To cite from the protocol: “The results showed no deviations and no potential scope for improvement. It was determined that the audited areas have a very high level of quality.” Indeed, one of the auditors summed up the audit beautifully: “Our expectations for COPAL were met 110%.”

It was very interesting to learn how complex COPAL’s processes for ensuring consistent quality, and for being able to maintain it over a long period of time, truly are. They begin in development and extend to the selection of suppliers, production, maintaining full documentation and through to delivery.

In impressive fashion, COPAL has proven that quality is no coincidence, but instead the result of investing in quality assurance over many years. In the end, the results can be found in the products themselves.

Unfortunately, quality is not always visible at first glance. Thus, one needs to consciously remind oneself of all that underlies it – and that few manufacturers are able to maintain quality at such a high level.

As Michelangelo once said, “Perfection is no trifle!”

With this in mind, we cordially invite you to judge the quality of COPAL products for yourself!

- Established: 1967
- Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
- Employees: ~1700
- Sales: € 282m
- Products: DIP and slide switches, rotary coded switches, trimmer potentiometers, lever and rocker switches, toggle switches, pushbutton switches, optical encoders.
- Quality management system derived from: DIN EN ISO 9001:2002 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2000 

r to l: Lou Jian Gong, Junichi Tanaka, Masaru Ikeda, Srecko Drazic, Dirk Voss, Akihiko Yamauchi, Masashi Suzuki
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