2011-10-24  Power Supply Modules   COSEL

These AC power supplies will not let you down even when things become particularly heated. This is because sealed modules with a cooling plate do not require any air whatsoever as long as they are installed on the appropriate application surfaces. COSEL power modules are encapsulated power supply mounted on printed circuit boards which dissipate the heat they generate exclusively through a so-called aluminum base plate and do not require any additional fans or special flue effects. These heat-conductive contact surfaces can reach temperatures of up to 100°C before an integral over-temperature trip puts on the brake. The power modules are designed for permanent operation under full load in 24x7 mode.

They therefore round off the range of solutions from this quality Japanese manufacturer. This range extends from the integral “single-module solution” in standardized brick form factor to “multiple output modules” variations which are supplied from an EC input front-end to provide several independent supply voltages.

TU series single modules – small but powerful

According to its application manual, the most compact solution from the manufacturer only requires an external EMI filter to attenuate line-based faults. The highly efficient power supply start with the smallest 50W module on a ¼ brick space of 37mm x 59mm with a height of 12.7mm. The range extends from 100W in a ½ brick format up to 300W or 500W in a full brick format measuring 62mm x 117mm with the same 12.7mm height. The TUNS basic versions have safety shut-offs as standard for overvoltage, overcurrent and over-temperature as well as a settings range for output voltage and additional remote sensor connections to compensate for voltage drops in the output cables. The most powerful version with a permanent power output of 500W also has an additional peak power potential.

Furthermore the 300W to 500W versions also have an optional additional function package including a standby output for standby applications and an insulated remote On/Off contact to shut down the main output so that additional power can be saved in sleep cycles.

Module systems with multiple outputs SN-DPG/DHS series

The current range of DPG/DHS modules has now been extended with a “plug & play”-enabled option for the SNDPG module and the SNDHS series. With immediate effect we can now supply the power modules on complete assemblies in the form of a printed circuit board with a filter, fuse and plug or screw connectors on an aluminum base plate. The user only has to complete the mechanical assembly using the 3mm thick base plate. This means that very robust CE or UL-compliant AC power supplies with an output of up to 750 W can be produced in a matter of minutes. Output modules with 50W, 100W or 250W are supplied from an AC front-end module to correct harmonics with floating output voltages between 3.3V and 48V. Their flexible and compact design make these modules ideal for use in modern lighting systems and LED signal equipment, robots and industrial automation, compact measuring and analysis equipment and for all outdoor applications.

Available: the modules and assemblies can be supplied from the plant in Japan with a production lead time of eight weeks. Data sheets and application documents are available on request. Why not request a sample from us!


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