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2012-10-16  Power Supply Modules   COSEL

COSEL, Japan’s largest manufacturer of high-quality PSUs, has developed the DIN-rail series KH. USP is market-leading efficiency; the 120W version gives 92%, and the 240W version gives 94% thanks to our cutting-edge PFC and LLC resonant converter under digital control. These also cut running costs and lower application operating temperatures, thereby increasing expected life and reliability. A further design advantage is the industry’s slimmest width at 37mm and 50mm respectively (both height & depth: 124mm x 117mm). Screw fixing is also available as an alternative to the DIN clip. Warranty period is 5 years, with 10 years lifetime depending on usage. Delivering 150% peak power for 5 seconds, and remote on/off.

- Market-leading efficiency (92% at 120W, 94% at 240W)
- Industry’s slimmest width (120W at 37mm, 240W at 50mm,)
- Wide derating (starts derating at 60 deg.)
- Best peak for motor starting (150% for 5 sec.)
- Remote on/off included (breaker not necessary)
- Standby power 1W or less (using remote off)
- Superior power factor

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