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HomePlug Green PHY powerline solution from QUALCOM ATHEROS

The QCA7000 powerline MAC/PHY chip with integral analog front end and associated software represents the world's first powerline implementation compliant with the HomePlug Green PHY standard.

HomePlug Green PHY (HP GP) has been specially developed for all types of reliable and secure communication connections in the house, consequently for the

- Smart Grid - the intelligent and controllable power network
- Smart Home - the simple and intelligent control of domestic resources
- Smart Metering - the readability of consumption data such as electricity, water, gas, etc.
- Smart Lighting - the control of the intensity and color of light in all areas
- as well as for electromobility.

HomePlug Green PHY is based on the familiar HomePlug AV broadband powerline standard that millions of households are already using for the simple, secure and robust networking of Ethernet and multimedia using the mains electricity network in the home.

The reduced complexity of the HomePlug Green PHY standard compared to HomePlug AV permitted the integration of the MAC/PHY together with the analog front-end in one small and economical 8 mm x 8 mm single chip, considerably simplifying the circuit design. One further advantage is the significantly reduced energy consumption compared to other HomePlug AV solutions.

The QCA7000 has since been selected by eight global vehicle manufacturers as a communication solution between charging station and electric or hybrid vehicles in accordance with the ISO/IEC 15118 standard.

With its maximum 10 Mbit/s gross data rate on the line, it is faster than any solutions in the so-called “narrow band power line” area - while at the same time avoiding the strong interference in this band. It also offers an ideal supplement to or replacement of all types of radio technology such as ZigBee, Z-Wave etc. in the aforementioned applications, which all struggle to provide signals across several floors reliably and securely.

The QCA7000 has an internal RAM and an integrated power management unit and is supplied with just a single voltage of 3.3 V. SPI and UART are available as a communication interface. The chip can be booted either via an external flash or via the second SPI interface of the controller.

The QCA7000 is available for use in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

The “PL16” evaluation and reference design board is suitable for both investigating the technology and supporting development.

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QCA7000 HomePlug Green PHY Chip
QCA7000 circuit diagram
QCA7000 Reference design and evaluation board
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