2010-04-19  DSP GROUP

NEW – DECT/CAT-iq modules and chipsets from the DSP Group, the leading global manufacturer of semi-conductors for cordless phones using the DECT standard are now available from CODICO.

DECT or CAT-iq interfaces are now required in almost all new developments for the broadband router markets in both home and SoHo environments and, of course, also in CoIP gateways.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is the most common global standard for cordless phones. The origins of DECT date from the early nineties with its great advantage being the frequency bands reserved exclusively for this technology. In Europe the reserved range is 1880-1900 MHz, in China 1900-1920 MHz, in Latin America 1910-1930 MHz and in the USA 1920-1930 MHz. CAT-iq (Cordless Advanced Technology - internet and quality) is a protocol extension which primarily provides new features for DECT. 

The aim of DECT in the systems mentioned above is the direct connection of cordless VoIP telephony to CPE devices. Compared to a VoIP-over-WiFi connection, DECT offers the benefits of an interference-free frequency band since it is exclusively reserved for this purpose, together with lower power consumption and therefore longer standby and talk times, greater range, better speech quality and, finally, considerably greater flexibility. In fact, CAT-iq 2.0 means that handsets from different manufacturers are now also compatible with all base stations so that even call lists, directories and other features can also be used regardless of manufacturer. Other benefits for the end user are the result of the integration of complex PBX functions and the facility for the simple use of cordless headsets.

In addition to the DSP Group chipsets, our range of products also features good quality embedded modules with which CPEs can be made DECT and CAT-iq capable in a very short time without requiring detailed knowledge of this technology. In fact the modules offer simple APIs and conventional interfaces for USB, UART, SPI and PCM/TDM/IOM-2. They support all the frequency bands around the world which have been reserved for DECT.

All our chipsets and the modules based on them have one thing in common – the massive innovative power of the DSP Group. This has resulted in technologies such as CleaRtalk for outstanding speech technology, CleaRange for superb range and coverage and ClearEco which reduces power consumption and radiation.

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DA1250 UART Module Pin Layout von Dosch & Amand
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