2013-05-14  Powerline Modules   DEVOLO

Availability announcement for the dLAN® Green PHY Modul carrier and evaluation board

In order to simplify HomePlug Green Phy technology evaluations and as development tool, CODICO now offers the so called "dLAN Green PHY eval board EU" carrier and evaluation board for the dLAN® Green PHY Modul.

The Green PHY eval board (EVM) supplies DC current to the dLAN® Green PHY Module and at the same time couples the powerline signals into the mains network. On the data side, the EVM offers an Ethernet interface. With that it works as an Ethernet-to-PLC-Bridge.

As a counterpart for the EVM, each commercially available HomePlug AV adapter can be used. The built in socket on the “dLAN® Green PHY eval board EU” allows current and power measurement of any connected load as well as load dependent switching on/off of it. The EVM is available from CODICO from now on.

For further information please contact: Werner Reis

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