2013-10-03  Powerline Modules   DEVOLO

Powerline Toolkits available

Powerline Communication: starting from now for all DEVOLO powerline customers, the new Software Development Kit dLAN® SDKv3 is available. This application can be used to communicate with HomePlug devices in a network over Ethernet. It can read/write the configuration block of a device, perform firmware updates, and also provides access to various other HomePlug features. The dLAN® SDK is provided in the form of command-line applications rather than a C++ API. This facilitates the use of the SDK in different environments like command shells and scripts, and provides easy access to most common tasks without the need to write elaborate code. C/C++ programmers can use functions like system() or popen() in order to call the dLAN® tools from their applications. Besides the dLAN® SDKv3 there is also newly available an Open Source Powerline Toolkit from Qualcomm Atheros, the "open-plc-utils".

These can be found under the following link:

For further information please contact: Werner Reis


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