DEVOLO - Carrier Board and Evaluation Kit for dLAN® Green PHY Module

2013-05-06  Powerline Modules   DEVOLO

A lot of customers have been waiting for this: The possibility of evaluating Powerline and especially HomePlug Green PHY for the

Up to now, this was only possible with a great deal of effort when it came to the dLAN® Green PHY module. Now, with immediate effect, there’s a carrier board available which the dLAN® Green PHY module can be plugged into, so allowing for an easy evaluation of the HomePlug Green PHY technology, and especially of the dLAN® Green PHY module.

The evaluation module (EVM) is called the "dLAN® Green PHY eval board EU", and it provides the dLAN® Green PHY module with current, while at the same time feeding the Powerline signals into the 230V mains. On the data side, the EVM provides, among other things, an Ethernet interface, and so functions as an Ethernet-to-PLC bridge. Any conventional commercial HomePlug AV adapter can be used as the partner unit. The integrated "socket" in the " dLAN® Green PHY eval board EU" allows for measurement of the current and power of the connected consuming component. A relay, also integrated, allows for the consuming component to be switched on and off.

The “dLAN® Green PHY eval board EU” is a development board and does not have CE approval. It has been declared as a prototype, and it has a BGV test mark (a form of safety testing). Only the German earthing pin plug is intended to be used as the plug element. There is now a Software Development Kit (SDK), in the Version 1.0.3., available for the dLAN® Green PHY module, and therefore also for the EVM, which allows for the administration of the  LPC1758 host processor used on the dLAN® Green PHY module. An extended version of the SDK "3.0" , planned for the second quarter of 2013, will then also allow for access to the QCA7000 of the dLAN® Green PHY module. The dLAN® Green PHY eval board EU, the dLAN® Green PHY Module, and the SDK 1.0.3., as well as extensive documentation regarding the EVM and the module are available with immediate effect from CODICO.

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