DINKLE BUS – multifunctional housing system

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Compact design and integration of the latest communication interfaces

Compact design and integration of the latest communication interfaces: The standard housing with thickness 12mm allows up to 16 poles with front connection technology. This solution is particularly suited where space is a critical factor. A wide range of connection technologies, for example USB, RJ45 and D-Sub, are compatible with IoT (“Internet of Things”) and Industry 4.0 applications.


Fast and simple wiring: In order to save time and costs, all cable connections of DINKLE Bus system are provided with push-in technology (PID) even the bus connector itself.


Optical LED-displays on the terminal blocks: Appropriate terminal blocks are also available as pluggable solution and offer direct LED light pipes to indicate the operational status.


Safe connection of the power supply including reverse-pole protection: The patented bus connector make sure that modules are protected by a grounding contact while connecting to the bus plate to ensure signal interference-free and safety in power supply. It connects several electronic modules, which are mounted on the DIN rail.


Great choice and flexibility: The bus plate consists of up to 8 gold-plated terminals which can be installed on all common TS-35 DIN rails. There are standard lengths, as well as customized lengths up to 1.000mm available. Accessories like marking labels for clear designation of the LED indicators, expansion connectors for extending the bus plates, bus covers for DIN rails and end clamps complement the product range.


NEW: Please click here for a video of the unique DINKLE Bus System.


Detailed specifications can be found in the datasheet.


For further information and for assistance in choosing the right Connection please contact Julia Reiterer.

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