DINKLE: LED Terminal Blocks

LED Terminal Blocks for Industrial Control!

PCB mount design

Rated voltage: 300V
Rated current: 15A
Pitch: 5.08mm
Cross-section: AWG12-24
Number of pins: 2x4
Printing for wiring recognition possible
Pluggable design
Rated voltage: 300V
Rated current: 8A
Pitch: 3.50mm
Cross-section: AWG16-28
Number of pins: 2-24
Printing for wiring recognition possible
Optional header: 90° and 180°
Mounting fastener by srew & clip

LED embedded Terminal Blocks offer 2 different designs:

PCB mount design consists of a spring type PCB terminal block available in 5.08mm pitch. Terminals and solid wires can be inserted into the block directly.

Pluggable design consists of a PCB header (straight or right angle) and a spring plug. It is available in 3.50mm pitch.

Both spring designs enable easy and simple mounting and insertion. For wiring recognition please ask for additional printings.

The pluggable design offers an additional feature: it is fitted with srews and clips for mounting fastening and to be compliant with anti-vibration requirement.

Both LED embedded designs combine the proven quality of Dinkle’s Terminal Blocks fitted with LED’s.

They provide clear visual indication, convenience and space saving. So they are applicable to industrial PLC, expandable I/O module and control relevant products.

For more information please contact us!

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