DINKLE: Spring Type Terminal Blocks with Embedded Light Bars!

Now also UL certified!

Approximately one year ago DINKLE released innovative spring type terminal blocks with embedded light bars in 3.50mm pitch to the market. In the meantime they became UL certified and the variety of products was increased.

Cable plugs are designed for wire size AWG16-28 and are available in straight version. PCB Headers can be ordered in straight or right angle version.

Three different options can be provided: with active locking, with screw flange or the “simple” version (without locking and screw).

The function of DINKLE’s light bar system is quite easy:

LED’s have to be placed on the PCB – embedded light bars transmit their light signals.

Additional to display function DINKLE’s light bar system offers other advantages too:

Compared with connectors with fully integrated LED’s DINKLE’s design offers the possibility to choose LED’s colors on demand – meeting the application’s requirements.

Furthermore it is an “open” system with positive effect on heat development and can be used at operating temperatures from -40°C until +115°C.

Another advantage is the innovative contact design: PCB Headers are fitted with flat contacts.

Cable plugs have two splitted contacts and offer 4 contact points. The result is a safe connection with easy and comfortable mating and unmating.


  • 3.50mm pitch
  • Horizontal & vertical
  • AWG16-28
  • UL Rating 300V/8A
  • Temperature range: -40°C bis +115°C
  • 3 Options: With locking, srew flange or simple version
  • Contact design offers 4 contact points

Same terminal blocks without light bars are available, too.

DINKLE spring type terminal blocks simple option
Simple option
DINKLE spring type terminal blocks option with screw flange
Option with screw flange
DINKLE spring type terminal blocks option with locking
Option with locking
DINKLE spring type terminal blocks contact design: 4 contact points (cable plug), flat contact (PCB Header)
Contact design: 4 contact points (cable plug), flat contact (PCB header)
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