DINKLE: Anti-Vibration Terminal Block with push-in


With a rated voltage of 300V/600V

The brand new 0150 series from DINKLE is designed for the industry of motion controller.


Due to the push-in design (PID) the wiring can be done time-saving and without the use of special tools.

• Innovative smart clips helps to plug and unplug quickly and easily and provides a reliable connection.
• Rated voltage 300V/600V and rated current 16A/20A according to UL
• Pitch 5.08 and 6.35mm
• 0150 series provides a wide range of conductor cross section – AWG 24~12
• 0150-20/30 plugs are space saving with ultra-mini housing design of height 13.80mm
• The product can be applied in different fields, such as motion controller or servo driver.

Detailed specifications can be found in the leaflet.

For further information and for assistance in choosing the right connection please contact Julia Reiterer.

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