DisplayPort is a digital, license-free interface standard issued by VESA for audio and video signals.

HDMI and DVI devices can also be operated on a DisplayPort using simple adapters. This means that the number of connections on a video output device can be reduced whilst retaining the range of connectors. The device can handle data rates of up to 10.8Gbit over four lanes as well as audio broadcasts.

DisplayPort connectors have recently been added to the extensive range of products available from SPEEDTECH. At the current time circuit board sockets in SMT are available with various positioning pins. It is also possible to create a shielded version with defined contact points for EMI applications.

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Imp_2_2011_S11_SPEEDTECH_DisplayPort mit Positionierpin_Bild4.JPG
Imp_2_2011_S11_SPEEDTECH_DisplayPort mit Schirmfederung_Bild3.JPG
Imp_2_2011_S11_SPEEDTECH_DisplayPort mit kurzem Positionierpin_Bild5.JPG
Imp_2_2011_S11_SPEEDTECH_DisplayPort ohne Positionierpin_Bild2.JPG

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