DOMINANT: Longer Life and Higher Light Intensity of PLCC 4 Package - Power DomiLED


DOMINANT introduces new high intensity InGan devices, DWx- LJG of its Power DomiLED series, alternative to the existing DWx- YJG device and completing their product portfolio of medium power LEDs. With an operating current of only 30mA, this LED features a luminous intensity of 1800mcd (typical) for true green and 560mcd (typical) for blue.

The new InGaN Power DomiLED provides an outstanding long product lifetime due to its silicone encapsulation and low thermal resistance of the housing, turning it into the most durable product in PLCC-4 package. In terms of design and dimensions, the package is the same as their other Power DomiLEDs (4.2x1.2x1.3mm).

This new devices perfectly fit for various illumination applications where space is limited such as channel lighting and signage. It also fulfils the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. Engineering samples are available, mass production started in June 2010.

More details can be found here.

For further informations please contact Mr. Helmut Ringdorfer.

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