Double-layer capacitors

To provide specific applications with sufficiently high energy or storage capacity for buffering, double-layer capacitors are an ideal solution. They offer many advantages over rechargeable batteries, such as

?Rapid charging and discharging
?Long life cycle thanks to the possibility of tens of thousands of charging and discharging cycles
?Usage over a wide temperature range, and providing stable operation even at low temperatures
?Very safe / no risk of explosion or ignition
?Environmentally friendly / no heavy metal content

The CODICO supply range includes two different technologies, which involve two different structure formats. With its EDLCs (Electric Double Layer Capacitors), Rubycon offers the same basic structure as aluminium electrolyte capacitors, i. e. a wound structure. To serve as electrodes, activated carbon is applied onto the aluminium film. By contrast, NEC Tokin “SuperCaps” have a cellular structure, with the activated carbon and electrolyte located mixed between the electrodes. The conductive solid which is usually used in EDLC’s is activated carbon, which has many small holes in the surface in order to enlarge it. The space between the two activated carbon electrodes is filled with electrolyte. Charging and discharging takes place by adsorption and desorption of the ions on and from the electrode surfaces.

Product spectrum RUBYCON:

Radial leaded type
Capacitance range: 1F - 190F
Voltage range: 2.5V – 2.7V
Dimensions: 8x16mm - 22x65mm

Screw terminal type
Capacitance range: 850F - 2300F
Voltage: 2.5V
Dimensions: 36x135mm and 51x135mm

Product spectrum NEC Tokin:
Can case type
Capacitance range: 0.01F – 5.6F
Voltage range: 3.5V - 12V
Dimensions: 11x5mm – 44.8x60mm

Resin molded type
Capacitance range: 0.01F – 0.22F
Voltage range: 3.5V – 6.5V
Dimensions: 10.5x11.5x5mm - 14x15x9mm (WxHxT)

SMD type
Capacitance range: 0,047F - 1F
Voltage range: 3.5V – 5.5V
Dimensions: 10.5x5,5mm - 21x10.5mm

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