2011-10-24  Powerline Modules   DEVOLO

DEVOLO has developed the dLAN® 200 AVpro DIN rail specially for the requirements of building automation and for smart home applications. This is a 200Mbit dLAN® PLC adapter whose design makes it possible for it to be installed in the actual building installation distributor box on a DIN rail. From there the home plug AV adapter operates centrally and can exchange data perfectly via every phase of the existing power system. When combined with matching pendants at the point of use this means that efficient smart energy and smart home networks can be created easily and at low cost using the power cables. As a result of its being permanently installed in the distributor box, the DIN rail adapter is protected from theft and vandalism, for example if it is used in multi-occupancy buildings or public buildings.

The dLAN® PLC DIN rail adapter provides an Ethernet port with Auto MDI/X for sending and receiving the data. The data are transferred using a 200 Mbit/s home plug AV chipset. The signal infeed into the power system is best achieved by the 3-phase connection. The DIN rail adapter complies with overvoltage category 3 and provides a range of approx. 300 m via the power system. The data for transfer are encrypted with 128bit AES whilst pairing with other PLC devices can be made in simple form using the pushbutton on the device. Extensive configuration and remote management functions can be made using the dLAN® 200 AVpro manager configuration tool.

The applications for the DIN rail adapter include building automation, building networks, smart home applications, smart metering energy data recording and AMR (automatic meter reading).

Finally the adapter is also suitable for pure Ethernet networks via the power system, in other words without the installation of special Ethernet cables or having to use the wireless technologies which scare so many people.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.


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