ELYTONE: Full power ahead!

2014-04-30  Passive Components   ELYTONE

Helical Inductors up to 75A

Helical chokes in compact design formats and with very high rated currents allow for a wide range of inductivity values.

Demanding industrial applications such as welding equipment, or solar or data servers in the computer industry, requires highly efficient power management solutions. In these circuits, helical inductors are used normally as output filtering.

Flat wire technology allows for substantially higher currents than power inductor with conventional round wire formats. Furthermore, the narrow winding structure of the flat wires brings down the ohmic resistance. Helical chokes are available in both THT and SMD formats. The inductance range is from 1.5uH to 260uH, with saturation currents of up to 75A [SMD up to 68A].


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