Power supply for critical sensitive medical applications!

EOS introduces (M)WLT450, the latest member of its WLT series, a medical and industrially certified U-channel power supply on a 4x6.5x1.5“ footprint.

With forced air cooling, the unit can deliver up to 450 W (300 W with convection cooling) continues and up to 500W for 5s withstand short peak loads. Auxiliary outputs with 5 VSB and 12 Vdc for the fan are just two on a long list of features (Power Good, Remote Sence, Remote on/off).

A front-end version with fan and IEC 320 input connector is provided for easy installation. Other designs, e.g. with side fan, are also available. But that’s not all: contrary to other power units of its class, the (M)WLT450 comes with the ORing MOSFETs already installed. This allows not only parallel but redundant operation –without any additional wiring. Hance, the parallelconnected power supply will continue to work unimpeded following an operational failure e.g. a short circuit at one output.

The "green approach" finds its way into both industrial and medical applications. Even if the ErP Directive (2009/125/EC) does not yet apply to such applications, all renowned manufacturers are gradually preparing for it. Though not easy to implement from a technical point of view, the standby power consumption of the (M)WLT450 is a mere 0.8 W at an input voltage of 230 VAC, with an impressive efficiency of up to 90%.

The new (M)WLT450 series is certified in accordance with EN60601 3rd Edition (2x MOPP) and EN60950 2nd Edition. The extremely low leaking current of the medical version sets it apart from its competitors. The so-called “touch leakage”, i.e. the “patient leakage current”, the current measured from any applied part to ground, is 45?A max. In addition to the double fuse protection at the input, the device is compliant to the requirements for BF (body floating) rating.  As a result, the unit is now suitable for all applications involving direct patient contact.

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