EVERVISION Electronics: 5.7" high brightness TFT and 7" projected capacitive touchpanel TFT

2011-09-07  Displays   
EVERVISION extends its product range with two new released parts. With the first part, EVERVISION is going for high brightness TFTs, an alternative solution for outdoor applications to transflective TFT modules. The module is composed by a 5.7" TFT with VGA resolution, a LED driver circuit and a backlight unit. It is designed for outdoor and car TV applications. The integrated LED driver circuit can reach up to 700cd/m² (200mA), going from a minimum of 350cd/m²  (100mA). Additionally the part is compatible to 5.7" Industry Standard modules. The second released part is a new 7" TFT including a projected capacitive touchpanel (I²C interface) with dual touch function, WVGA resolution and a brightness of 450cd/m² including the touchpanel. Target applications are OA and car TV.

Further Informations you can find here and here.

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