2009-03-01  AMPHENOL ICC

FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, announces the immediate availability of an expanded service and design platform for the company’s comprehensive range of flex circuit connector products (FFC/FPC/CIC).

At its heart is the new, user friendly microsite where customers can quickly find the optimal connector for their applications, as well as technical data, drawings and performance characteristics. The microsite can also be used to receive technical support, or to quickly and easily order samples.

FCI is a technological market leader when it comes to FFC/FPC/CIC connectors, with a comprehensive product offering to match. In addition to continually expanding the range, FCI is committed to enabling existing and potential new customers to quickly access the information needed for selecting the optimal connector. The FCI product range includes solutions with pitches ranging from 2.54mm down to 0.3mm.

In addition, FCI is continually innovating and has, for example, developed a technology that supports one-handed installation. Another pioneering FCI feat was the introduction of ZIF products equipped with preholds having the necessary retention force to securely hold flex cables in the correct position until the actuator can be locked. And just as numerous as FCI’s solutions are the potential applications that they can be used in. Thus, FCI’s FFC/FPC/CIC connectors are a favorite choice for connecting LCD displays to circuit boards in a variety of different systems, such as mobile phones, handheld devices, navigators, medical equipment, ATMs, POS cash registers, pay terminals, etc., as well as in a broad range of industrial devices. In fact, FCI has a suitable connector solution for just about any imaginable application.Naturally then, FCI offers products for ZIF (zero insertion force), LIF (low insertion force) and non-ZIF applications, including such options as top or bottom contacts, vertical or horizontal board termination, SMD or through-hole versions and processing. All this is available down to the currently smallest offered pitch of 0.3mm, with even finer-pitch products on the way.

In addition to the information that can be found on the microsite, a new FCI catalog is also available.


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