„Enhanced Vertical Alignment“ (EVA) from AMPIRE

2013-11-07  Displays   AMPIRE

The Easy Alternative to MVA & IPS

The demand for displays which include various different technologies in order to extend the viewing angle, such as IPS and MVA, is constantly on the rise. Features like this, for improving the optical properties, such as legibility and contrast, are not only still standard items on the consumer market, but are more and more often in demand for a new development of an industrial application. The examples of MVA, and especially IPS, are technologies which are very considerably driven by the mobile market, and that means that long-term availability is always going to be a critical factor.  

So as to get a real grip on the issue of critical availability of such displays, Ampire has developed EVA, the “Enhanced Vertical Alignment” technology. As a departure from MVA and IPS, which need special glasses to improve the optical parameters, EVA is based on standard TN glasses. This means that a display using EVA technology always has the same availability as the standard display behind it.  

The basic difference is in the structure. While another glass is used for the familiar technologies, in this case an additional film is applied to the glass for color and light compensation. This allows for viewing angles of up to 85° to be achieved. The advantage here is that this more economical variant can be used on any standard display, in any size, in order to improve the readability from all angles in general, and to allow for the installation situation to be chosen at will. There is some minor detriment with regard to contrast and brightness, because every additional layer, as with every film and every glass, reduces these two parameters, but the possibility of selecting brighter displays right from the start makes up for this effect.  

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