2009-09-01  AMPHENOL ICC

FCI has extended its reflow process-compatible D-Sub family of connectors by adding 37-position connectors to its existing range of right-angle type pin-in-paste connectors with through-hole technology – to date offered in versions between 9 and 25 positions. The product line enables customers to reduce their total system costs by replacing existing wave-soldering or press-fit operations without the need for a new PCB layout. In addition, the option for automatic placement helps save assembly time. D-Sub pin-in-paste connectors are thus ideal for applications such as daughter boards in industrial and telecom applications.

FCI’s D-Sub pin-in-paste technology provides many advantages over SMT designs. In line with customer expectations, D-Sub pin-in-paste connectors are more robust than SMT connectors due to the use of through-hole technology. Moreover, switching from solder-to-board or press-fit processes is easy and fast, since D-Sub pin-in-paste connectors require no redesign of the board layout, whereas boards must be significantly modified when switching to SMT connectors.

FCI’s D-Sub right-angle pin-in-paste product line is currently offered in 9, 15, 25 and 37-position versions in two standard footprints: US style with 6.3mm standoff and European style with 7.2mm standoff. The connector's specific weight balance ensures it will stay in its initial position as it is reflow-processed.

The straight versions of the FCI Delta D pin-in-paste series are available with 9 to 50 positions. The entire product line offers several different packaging options for compatibility with existing customer processes: manual positioning, as well as automatic pick-and-place with vacuum nozzle or gripper.

The Delta D pin-in-paste series complies with the European RoHS Directive (EU 2002/95/EC).


Imp_2_2009_S03_FCI_Pin in Paste D37 BILDRange_kl.jpg
Pin-in-Paste D-37

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