FCI: Minitek 127™

FCI starts 1.27mm modular plug connector system

With the Minitek 127™, FCI is starting on a new modular plug connector system with 1.27mm (.050“) grid spacing. This is one of the most extensive miniature systems on the market, and offers a wide range of board-to-board and cable-to-board connections.

FCI is famous for its versatile range of modular connection systems, including Dubox™ (2.54mm), BergStik® (2.54mm), and Minitek (2mm). Minitek 127™ includes connections for plated-through contacts and surface mountings, as well as straight and right-angled versions with up to 100 contacts and four surface options. These can be combined in an even larger number of configurations, which means that with this system a huge range of connection requirements can be covered. “Customers are showing a growing interest in smaller connector assembly solutions for new designs, and Minitek 127™ is the ideal answer for this”, says Raymond Yuen, FCI Portfolio Director for commercial products.  

Minitek 127™


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