FCI extend the Range of Flex Plug Connectors

FCI have now extended their family of Flex plug connectors with the introduction of the SFGL Series with FPC plug connectors with ZIF connections. With a grid element spacing of 0.4mm and a height of 0.9mm, the plug connector with back-flip actuator is ideal for use in tablet PC’s.

As well as this, there is the VLP Series, an improved version of the earlier SFVL Series of FPC-ZIF plug connectors, now also available in the 0.5mm grid and with a height of 0.7mm. These connectors allow for secure connection when spatial conditions on the PCB are restricted.  The plug connectors meet all conventional standards for ZIF connectors in background lighting and touchscreen applications. The high cable extension strength values and the back-flip actuator also make for an ideal combination when used in Smartphone and mobile telephone applications.

The SFGL and VLP series round off FCI’s range of flex plug connectors, which offer ZIF (zero power) and non-ZIF with top or bottom location contact options, vertical or rectangular contact arrangements, surface mounting or plated-through connections, and grid element spacings of down to 0.2mm.

“The market for Smartphones and tablet computers is developing hugely, and product re-designs are making shorter time-to-market essential”, says Koji Kowate, Marketing and Business Development Manager, FCI. “FCI are aiming to be the first and only stop for their customers, whether they are upgrading an existing product or developing something entirely new. Customers expect the ultimate in quality from FCI, and tried and trusted components which fulfil the specifications of the consumer end-product. FCI were the first manufacturers to offer an option with a height of less than 1mm for FFC/FPC plug connectors, and we are driving the technology forward, extending and widening the options which we can offer to our customers.”

Additional capacities for the FFC/FPC series, such as optional cable fasteners and installation devices, ensure that there is a solution available for almost every application, however demanding it may be. FCI brought the first flex plug connector onto the market with a back-flip actuator, which allows users to feed in the flex cable and close the actuator with one hand. FCI pressed ahead and improved this functional performance still more, by modifying the plug housing, so as to allow for a visual confirmation of the perfect connection of the flex cable with the plug connector.

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