FCI’s Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid Wire-to-Board Connectors!

...unveiled by CODICO

FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid 3.0 & Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid 4.2 connectors.

Augmenting the Minitek Pwr™ family, the new Hybrid series has an improved and flexible modular design over traditional power connectors.

Both the 3.0 and 4.2 configurations are available for dual row and 2 to 24 power circuits, and 2 to 12 signal for Wire-to-Board applications.

Crimping and removal tools are available for wire harness assemblies. Vertical Wave soldering headers are available in through-hole configurations.

The Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid 3.0mm and 4.2mm allows the flexibility of selecting the number of pins, and the placement of Power and Signal contacts, making it highly configurable for varying power needs.

It is backward mat-able with traditional 3.0mm/4.2mm power connectors if the signal pin is taken out of the design. In addition, it has a compact design and clear identification for cable harness termination. The signal pin design in the centre of the connector allows better heat dissipation, thereby enhancing current rating capability.

The Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid 3.0 is designed for power applications with current ratings of up to 5A per contact. Its crimp and snap-in receptacles are used to terminate AWG 20 to 30 wires.

The Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid 4.2 is manufactured for high-current and high-density applications, and supports up to 9A per contact. Its crimp and snap-in receptacles are used to terminate AWG 16 to 30 wires.

Similar to the Minitek Pwr™ series, the Hybrid series features fully isolated terminals to prevent them from potential damage during operation, scoop-proof housings to ensure terminals are not compromised during angled mating, and a high retention force to secure terminals in their housings.

Target applications include Consumer, Industrial & Instrumentation, Data and Communications.

A product overview is available for download. For more information please contact Gerhard Strobl.

Minitek Pwr™ Hybrid Wire-to-Board connections
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