FCI’s RotaConnect™

FCI’s RotaConnect™ is a rotatable board-to-board plug connector which can be aligned at any angle between +90° and -60°.

 FCI has developed a hermaphrodite board-to-board plug connector which can be rotated at any angle between +90° and -60°. The rotatable RotaConnect™ board-to-board plug connector provides really extraordinary design flexibility, because this connector allows for upright, coplanar, or angled connections. The hermaphrodite BtB connector, which plugs into itself, can therefore be placed anywhere on the PCB, which really does broaden the design options.

The RotaConnect™ plug connector has a dual-beam spring contact design, and offers high performance combined with reliability. With a passive locking arrangement to the housing mount, the rotatable BtB plug connector protects the contacts and prevents incorrect plugging. The connector is also available with optional side clamps for increased PCB retention, and optional guide pins. It supports a wide range of plug and pull directions, and allows for floating branching in the Y and Z direction.

“The RotaConnect™ has a special pin contact design, which includes a stamped hole, allowing for a 150° rotation, and that means it can correspond with the plug and connection angles needed for demanding applications”, says Varghese John, Senior Manager (Product Management) for RotaConnect™ plug connectors. “In addition, our rotatable board-to-board SMT plug connector does not “float” during the reflow soldering process, and that makes it a really efficient option for our customers.” With a 3.00mm pitch, these high-current BtB plug connectors are available in 2-pole to 14-pole (in two-pole increments). 

RotaConnect™ is designed for rated currents of up to 5A, an operational voltage of 125V AC, and a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The RotaConnect™ plug connector is ideal for electrical control units, sensors, actuators, rigid LED strips, and for automobile electronics.

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