2009-09-01  HIROSE

HIROSE, one of the world’s leading connector manufacturers, offers a large selection of FFC/FPC connectors serving many different markets and meeting varied requirements.

CODICO offers HIROSE FFC/FPC solutions for use in mobile communications, computer, digital photography, consumer electronics and data reading applications. Despite the growing miniaturization trend in Europe, FFC connectors with a pitch of 0.5mm (like the FH28/FH40) are still very much in demand!

HIROSE long ago established itself on the market with its popular FH12 series, which has since served as the basis for new products offering numerous additional advantages for customers.

One result of HIROSE’s ongoing development effort is the existing FH28 series, while another is the all new FH40 series:
- FH28 (horizontal type) with an optional dust cover
- FH40 (vertical type)
- 0.5mm pitch
- Locking of the FFC/FPC via “side catchers:” 
     > ensures secure insertion and contacting of the FFC during assembly
    > significantly increases the extraction force needed to pull the FFC out of the connector, which is ideal for the typical vibration environments of automotive and industrial applications
- The FH28 and FH40 are combinable due to their identically FFC-stamped side catchers
- Significantly improved stability and mechanical resistance of the actuator
- Tactile feedback (through a “click feeling”) informs users that the FFC has been securely inserted in the connector actuator
- Support the use of 0.3mm thick FFC/FPC

Available contact positions:
- FH28 (20, 28, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 64, 68, 74 and 80); please inquire for other positions.
- FH40 (10, 20, 24, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 64); please inquire for other positions.

Imp_2_2009_S08_HIROSE_FH28 und FH40_BILD FH28_kl.jpg
Imp_2_2009_S08_HIROSE_FH28 und FH40_BILD FH40_kl.jpg
Die neue FH40-Serie

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